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Human Trafficking Education

Positioned to Care: Improving identification of victims of Child Labor and Sex Trafficking

This is a self-guided educational module aimed at anyone who works in an Emergency Department or Emergency Medical Service agency.  You can view all the modules in order in one sitting or do one at a time.  1 hour of CME / CE will be available for MD/DO, PA, NP, RN and EMT once all modules are complete.

Appropriate for anyone who provides medical care to patients in either ED or EMS settings.  If you are an MD, DO, RN, PA, NP, EMT or Paramedic - this is the version for you. 

At completion - you will be eligible for 1 hour of CE.

Appropriate for anyone else who works in an Emergency Department or in an EMS agency.  If you are a unit clerk, financial representative, research assistant, administrator, social worker, environmental services technician or do any other job in the ED or EMS agency - this is the version for you.  Thank you for your work in protecting our patients.

This educational module was developed by Kristin Kim, MD, PhD and Denise Abdoo, PhD (Department of Pediatrics, CU School of Medicine / Children's Hospital of Colorado) and funded by a grant from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment
FY 2023 EMTS Funding Program - RFA # 36212

Positioned to care: Improving identification of child victims of Child Labor and Sex Trafficking seeking emergency care in Colorado


We would like to acknowledge and the Colorado EMS for Children Program for their support and assistance.


So that we may improve the education and outreach to ED and EMS personnel  - the materials above do contain optional surveys that will help to improve our outreach efforts.  This research was approved by the CO Multiple IRB (COMIRB) COMIRB # 21-2590.

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