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Pediatric Respiratory Resouces

Clinical Pathways

Includes pathways for:
- Home Oyxgen
- Hydration
- Heated High Flow Oxygen
- ED, Inpatient, and Primary Care 

Handout for caregivers for the use of Nasal Frida

Pediatric RSV Surge Resources

Resources for Parents


Children's Hospital Colorado ParentSmart Healthline™ -available 24/7
Call 720-777-0123


First Call® for Children has the answers to your after-hours medical questions 5 p.m. - 8 a.m. Mon. - Fri. 24 hours on weekends, and holidays.
Call 303-563-3300

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Contact our Pediatric CARE experts
Call 303-602-2273

Updated: 06/14/2023

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