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Pediatric Procedure Videos

Intraosseous (IO) Insertion

Simple tips and tricks for inserting an IO needle in pediatric patients

Using a Length-Based Tape

Tips and tricks for using length-based tape systems on pediatric patients

Drawing Up Epinephrine

How to draw up and administer very small doses of epinephrine to our littlest patients

Push-Pull Fluids

How to set up and administer fluids rapidly during a resuscitation

Airway Suctioning

Learn the potentially lifesaving procedure of suctioning secretions from a pediatric airway

Jaw Thrust

Learn how to properly perform a jaw thrust technique to assist with airway management

Bag Valve Mask

How to provide bag valve mask positive pressure ventilation to pediatric patients

Intranasal medication

How to administer medications using a mucosal atomizer device in the patient's nares

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