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Colorado has been chosen to be a pilot state for the National Pediatric Readiness Project's 2020 assessment. All Colorado hospital emergency departments will be receiving survey invitations in the mail, however, the date is yet to be determined given the current COVID-19 crisis. EMS for Children Colorado will be helping ensure all addresses and points of contact are up to date. If you are a Colorado hospital ED Nurse Manager, or know who is for your hospital, please submit contact information for your ED using the button below. To see what kinds of things the assessment will be asking about, check out the 2019 Pediatric Readiness Checklist below.

Colorado Pediatric Preparedness for the Emergency Room (COPPER)

Colorado EMSC is currently working with a handful of pilot sites to inform the development and implementation of a standardized, voluntary pediatric readiness recognition program known as Colorado Pediatric Preparedness for the Emergency Room, or COPPER. It is our goal to have this program ready to launch statewide by the spring or summer of 2020. If your hospital ED is interested in participating, please contact Stacey Quesada, EMSC Program Manager, at stacey.quesada@cuanschutz.edu.

For facilities wanting to do a self-assessment of their ED's pediatric readiness, we suggest you view the latest guidelines on pediatric readiness in the emergency department and download the corresponding checklist. Both are linked below. These are the items that will largely form the basis for the COPPER program. 

Pediatric Readiness Guidelines for the

Emergency Department

Pediatric Readiness

Checklist for the

Emergency Department

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