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Please be sure to modify all resources to align with your hospital's policies and protocols, as necessary, and have them reviewed by hospital leadership and/or safety committees prior to implementation. Any commercial resources listed are provided only for informational purposes and should not be considered endorsements by the COPPER program or by EMS for Children Colorado.

If you are unable to acces a resource in any of the areas below, please email:

  • Children's Hospital Colorado
    Jason Kotas ​​ 720-777-6464 Follow up for Anschutz, Colorado Springs, North and South Campuses
  • Denver Health Emergency Center for Children
    Email case follow-up questions to:
  • Rocky Mountain Hospital for Children
  • UCHealth Memorial Hospital, Colorado Springs
    Jeffery S. Force, MS, NRP Director of Emergency Medical Services 719-365-2006 Bonnie Gentzel, EMT EMS Program Administrative Assistant 719-365-2168
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